Rediscover the pleasure
to live together

Twenty-five thousand square meters of open-air areas, squares and green areas with facilities.

The urban fabric is a real theatre which livens up everyday life of the complex: street artists, shows, street food, small events and performers will entertain customers and visitors.

A special lighting project for the outdoor and green areas, together with complete video surveillance cover, ensure optimum safety standards 24/7. Access is guaranteed by the tram link, so CHORUS LIFE can be safely reached at any time of the day or night.

Live in the green: a program of open-air shows.

Open spaces are the heart of everyday life of CHORUS LIFE. Not simple pathways but true open-air theaters animated daily with initiatives and events that represent the vital core of all activities of the center. Animation and actors mix in the crowd and create situations and activities always different. An “on board agenda” shows appointments and life inside CHORUS LIFE.

— Sagittario Square
— Ristopub Square
— Children Square
— Gazebo for street food and mini-event