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“CHORUS LIFE is a city model where the three generations can live, socialize and grow together while sharing the same space. It is a community understood as a combination of services but above all as a social whole, in which all barriers are eliminated in order to promote the integration among individuals, in full respect of the environment”.

“Thanks to a pioneering real estate system that combines the art of building with industry, architecture with state-of-the-art digital technologies, CHORUS LIFE is a centre of socioeconomic aggregation for the improvement of the wellbeing and quality of life by offering a major opportunity for development and economic growth”.


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Order of merit for labour conferred in 2017 by Well Tech Studio and Metropolitan City of Milan for visionary powers and technological innovation.

A new vision of the social fabric.

Thanks to the clever arrangement of spaces and technology at the service of human life, CHORUS LIFE allows different generations to meet and confront each other in an authentic way. The absence of architectural barriers and a high relational density, embodied by the central agora, promote the conditions for an improved quality of life, based on the wellbeing of socially integrated individuals.


An opportunity for development and economic growth.

Not only does the project revive the building sector with the creation of new jobs, but it also poses a challenge to innovation, flinging the doors open to new economic development opportunities for the construction industry, integrated with the service and industrial sectors, home automation, landscape designing and architecture.


A laboratory of technologies applied to plant engineering.

A Smart Grid system has been designed for CHORUS LIFE, which will supply energy according to actual needs, avoiding any possible waste and minimizing the ecological footprint of the homes (smart home) and the city (smart city). The GSM model will mould the technological infrastructures and organize mobile communication, fostering physical and virtual contacts for the benefit of the individual and the community.


Grounded on these three basic characteristics, CHORUS LIFE is a city planning model replicable in the world as a virtuous urban format.