Smart city
means smart life

A Smart Grid system has been designed for Chorus Life, which will distribute energy according to real needs, avoiding waste and reducing environmental impact.
Sensors will collect information on production and energy consumption in real time. In addition to monitoring consumption, data are used for predictive purposes, to adapt with flexibility the energy production of the house (smart home) and the city itself (smart city).

The GSM model will coordinate the mobile communication, promoting the communication between people and technology that will have numerous IoT applications, favoring the exchange between physical and virtual, simplifying and making more efficient the life of the individual and the community.

A new technological era takes place at Chorus Life

GSM is a technological platform for urban systems that uses ELMET (electro mechatronics technologies) for a complete managerial integration between digital infrastructure and plant engineering. A single application for the user to access to all services integrated in one portal to monitor and manage a whole area.

The most innovative digital technologies merge with the latest plant engineering, from energy management to the supply of services for the user, rewriting the design criteria and increasing the functionality of buildings and spaces. From experience and collaboration between GEWISS, SIEMENS and MICROSOFT an excellent installation system model is born in CHORUS LIFE where services and functions integrate in a single digital platform available on all the mobile devices so to access immediately and simply all the information.